Mornington Peninsula Lawyers provides excellent services at a very reasonable cost. Mornington Peninsula Lawyers do not charge for preliminary discussions. Mornington Peninsula Lawyers’ fees are charged at very reasonable hourly rates.

Mornington Peninsula Lawyers take special care to offer a great degree of transparency and protection to clients to ensure that bills rendered are fair. It provides clients with a Costs Agreement and Disclosure Statement so that clients’ knows exactly what will be done for them in their matter. They are also provided with an estimate of costs. These documents set out clients’ rights and obligations in plain English and are easy to understand.  Where clients are seeking to minimise costs they are encouraged to complete tasks of a non-legal nature which subsequently reduces the overall cost.

Mornington Peninsula Lawyers’ costs are made up of fees for work done together with disbursements or out of pocket expenses which are incurred on your behalf which are set out in our Enquiry & Disclosure Sheet and our retainer documents (Costs Agreement and Disclosure Document). These expenses are fully itemised to ensure that you are aware of the nature and extent of the expenses incurred on your behalf.


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